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What is a Watt? Where do all the cables go? Can the audience power the show?


Two friends go on a surreal journey asking “What is energy?“ using their trusty science book. Disgusted and disillusioned with the way we create electrical energy today, they decide to disconnect from the system. Powerless and unable to finish the show, they feel defeated by the ways of the world. Returning to their trusty book and remembering that knowledge is power, they try to find a way to surmount their problems and save the show from disaster. With the help of the audience they realise that they can take the power into their own hands and generate their own electrical energy.

Featuring acrobatics, physical theatre, unicycle and mind bending skipping the pair figure out how they can transform banana energy into music and escape the fossil fuel industry.

Street Show for all ages, duration: 30 minutes

Photo by David Hegarty 23381.jpg


Friendship, trust and commitment, told trough multi-hoop manipulation and partner acrobatics, this act creates a dream like state punctuated with playful moments. This is an elegant piece which debuted at Pitch’d Festival’s Gala show September 2022 and has since been performed at Equinox Festival, Achill Island.

Cabaret act for all ages, duration: 5 mins


This family friendly act creates an impression! This Dame is Irelands only Strong Woman, inspired by a long tradition she takes traditional feats of strength and the vintage circus feel and mixes it with a modern soundtrack and styling.


This act is high energy and full of attitude, as the Dame is greeted by gasps and open mouths as she performs astonishing feats of strength with grace and rhythm before she chooses the star of the show, an audience volunteer, and takes them from anonymity to new heights…above her head.

Cabaret act for all ages, duration: 5 minutes

Circus 6832_edited.jpg


"Rock Hard Roxy" is comedy strong woman, who performs genuine feats of strength in the character of a fierce infomercial saleswoman.


It features risqué word-plays, audience interaction and side splitting punchlines. Roxy is here to revolutionize your fitness routine, banish the gym to the history books and to empty your wallet!

Cabaret act for adult audiences, duration: 7 mins


Symmetry Circus


What do you mean you do circus? Aoife and Ria have a bag load of eye popping tricks to show you what circus means these days! Circus is about trusting each other and team work, and sometimes it means wanting to be better than your best friend!

 Featuring acrobatics, audience interaction, physical comedy, crazy skipping, hula hoops and slapstick fighting this is a street show which is fun for all the family. 


_itchyfeetcreative forest festival 2022-00496.jpg




Mother Tongues Festival

Do You Understand? launched the Mother Tongues Festival 2020 in the Civic Theatre Tallaght, it was very well received by the audience and it was followed by a workshop session with circus performers where the young people taught the audience some of circus skills they had learnt.


This was a pilot project and due to its success the group have been invited back to perform at the Mother Tongue Festival 2021.


olta Circus

Often we strive for unattainable equality, instead 'SEEDS' finds unique ways for individuals to achieve their goals and playfully shows how we can support each other to make things fair. Combining beautiful imagery with bursts of light heartedness, brute strength with moments of raw emotion, ’SEEDS’ challenges your expectations of what is possible with the human body.

A 5 person contemporary street circus show featuring acrobatics, hula hoop, dance and juggling. 



Fireflies Collective

A highly technical, choreographed fire spectacle show set to powerful rock music or live percussion band. 


Toured nationally 2017-2021 featuring acrobatics, stilt walking contortion and prop manipulation 

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